The Process
Taught by Laura Gardner

The definition of process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

I am pleased to offer The Process at The Howard Fine Acting Studio. This is a class for actors who want to get back to basics, take a risk, get out of their safe and dull rut. Enjoy the ride! Acting is a roller coaster to be enjoyed. Here is an opportunity to get out of your self consciousness, your bad habits, and join our studio.

An accelerated overview of the techniques, principles, and expectations in our approach to the work. Perfect for actors with previous training, including students wanting to return to the studio who may have completed other courses at our studio.

4-week course beginning:
JUNE 19th 2018  –  Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:15pm to 10:15pm
* There will be no class the week of July 4th

Frank Collison and I will be Featured Artists for our 12th year at
The Last Frontier Theatre Conference.

Stay Tuned for More Information:

Monday, April 16th
Written by William Missouri Downs and Lucy Wright
Directed by Aurora Culver

Sylvia, a divorced Hollywood screenwriter fueled by antidepressants, is losing her grip as her writing career slides into middle-aged female oblivion. Her teen-aged son thinks that the NSA has hacked his computer so that when he plays the video game ‘Drone Strike’ he’s actually killing people in Afghanistan. Desperate for work Sylvia takes a crap job writing a “based on a true story” screenplay about a little girl’s lung transplant, but soon questions if either the lung story or her son’s NSA narrative have any basis in reality. The result is a new dramedy about our modern world in which perception is more important than truth.

Laura’s next Process starts April 17th
Her Wednesday Night Scene Study continues at Howard Fine Acting Studio

Emma Pruitt in Outcast

Laura Gardner Solo


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