She also taught intensive workshops in Brisbane in and Sydney at the Griffith University Film School, Southbank

One or Two Day Workshops

  • Interview skills – What “lights you up” – The actor will discover different ways to impact and take charge of the audition or interview
  • Scene preparation – Bringing yourself into the work
  • From the pre-read to the producer’s session
  • Ego survival – how to enjoy the audition process
    Discovering your “type” and how to overcome type casting
    How to bring your unique self to any role by taking creative risks
    How to stop sabotaging yourself and overcome your fears

How to enter and leave the room with your self-esteem intact
This workshop can be done in one day. In the one day workshop, the morning is focused on the interview and the first reading or the ‘pre-read’ for the casting director. The afternoon session would then focus on the callback or ‘producer session’.

If the workshop is two days, the first day can focus simply on the interview part of the process along with entering and exiting the room as well as the pre-read. The second day on the full interview and producer session.

ACTING INTENSIVE: “A Journey Into Yourself”

“When the pain of where I am is greater that the fear of where I am going… I’ll move.”

“He who fights for his own limitations, gets to keep them.”

Two day acting workshop that will focus on emotional freedom in the audition, the job, and in your life.

Day 1: group and individual exercises to help you break through your limitations and fears, all in a safe and challenging environment.

Day 2: take what you have discovered and apply it to a role and then put it to the test in a mock audition situation.

You will leave these workshops Exhausted, Exhilarated and Energized!

Laura also coaches infomercial hosts, talk show talent, sports commentators, and interviewers, and business people, helping them with their presentations, interview skills, voice, and overall relaxation. Her goal is to support them in being their best and most comfortable selves.

Private and Skype sessions available as well